Bomi-MassageWhen you visit High Amplitude Health, it’s not just about the chiropractic, or the Active Release Therapy, or the Myofascial Therapy, or whatever else we do to get you better. It’s also about the onsite orthopedic massage therapist, who’s expertise compliments the chiropractic and myofascial work we do.

Bomi Bilimoria is an Orthopedic Massage Therapist specializing in orthopedic, rehabilitative, and soft tissue healing methods. When you are scheduledĀ to seeĀ Bomi, this is no hot rocks and candles experience; this is no spa treatment. Bomi’s soft tissue work is dig deep, break up scar tissue, and get your muscles back to 100% functionality. And yes, it might hurt just a little bit. But, sometimes that’s what it takes to get you out of the chronic pain that you’ve been in for months.

At this very moment, Bomi and Dr. Blenio are working in concert with many different patients. They tend to be the more complex patients. Those with severe tightness throughout their entire body, or perhaps someone with a frozen shoulder, or piriformis syndrome.

The combination of Chiropractic and Active Release with orthopedic massage is an absolute winner, and in most cases we are able to get our clients back to 100% functionality.

So, make sure to use the High Amplitude Health online scheduling system to set up an appointment with Bomi. You won’t be disappointed. He’s good. Very good, and many of our patients will vouch for that.


Dr. John Blenio, D.C., A.R.T.
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